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Shirley Fintz

Originally from Zimbabwe and now residing in Cape Town, South Africa, Shirley Fintz is a ceramic artist, jewelery designer and an avid collector of all things vintage. Inspired by anything traditionally African, primitive design, vintage toys, spirituality, politics and a little bit of laughter, Fintz creates wondrous ceramic creations that are quirky and thought provoking. Her ceramics are of an eclectic subject matter featuring animals, Buddha, gigantic teapots, trophies and many others. Her sculptures push the boundaries of structural limits with stacked animals and oversized everyday items and toys. Fintz collects antique African trade beads, vintage toys and other collectibles to create her sublime range of necklaces, bracelets and rings. She has exhibited her ceramics across the world and her works of both ceramics and jewelry have featured at Anthropologie, West Elm and Conrad’s of London.

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