MADWA, woven crafts Madagascar to Swaziland

MADWA, based in Cape Town, South Africa, is a social upliftment project working with artisans in Madagascar, Mozambique, Swaziland and South Africa. All woven crafts of Madagascar products are made using natural sustainable materials and each product is hand crafted by the traditional weavers empowering individuals and often times entire communities to use their craft skill to achieve economic stability and independence.

Madwa boasts a large range of products including baskets using papyrus, clutches and bags made of raffia and papyrus, bins, laundry baskets and large baskets made from umtsala, crocheted floor mats using grass, textiles of lambas: hand-woven, cotton throws and woolen blankets; all handmade locally using traditional craft.

My most favorite addition to the Madwa’s range are the raffia crocheted throw pillows with feather down inners. At 60 cm x 60 cm they make a perfect throw cushion, large enough to sit on and beautifully crafted for a sun-deck or porch.

Woven throw pillows madagascar

Raffia crocheted throw pillows

To request a catalogue and prices of Madwa’s current range please contact by email:

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