Handmade in Mexico Exhibition and POP-UP

AMY ON A JOURNEY, exhibited Handmade in Mexico and Pacific Coast Vintage POP-UP last Thursday, after returning from a 3 month adventure in Mexico from Oaxaca to Baja and the US Pacific Coast.

Handmade in Mexico Exhibition in Cape Town of embroidered dress and other textiles from Oaxaca, Mexico.

Handmade embroidered dresses from Oaxaca were the most loved! One dress can take up to a week’s work of embroidery- they are truly works of art! Embroidered cotton bags and belts as an alternative to leather were also a favorite.

The best embroidery comes from Oaxaca where it has long been a traditional skill and craft. I met this young vendor at the market in Rosarito, over 3,000km North from Oaxaca. It’s is a family business. His mother, father and sisters all embroider these works of art onto natural fabrics and he takes them to market.

A customer enjoys a sip of Mezcal while shopping. Made from the Agave cactus, Mezcal is another artesian craft that comes from Oaxaca.

Thanks to all for coming out to see and shop!

A few dresses, baskets and other exquisite pieces are left from the Mexican journey.

Contact by email, amyonajourney@gmail.com, for details of whats left and how to get it!

Mexican embroidered dresses, ponchos and shirts for sale in Cape Town.

Coming up next….Amy on a Journey to Northern India. Follow me on INSTAGRAM at amyjourney to see what treasures I find along the way and who are the artisans making them!

See you at the next Pop-Up!  ( end of September 2017)

Stay tuned…




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