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Handmade in Mexico Exhibition and POP-UP

AMY ON A JOURNEY, exhibited Handmade in Mexico and Pacific Coast Vintage POP-UP last Thursday, after returning from a 3 month adventure in Mexico from Oaxaca to Baja and the US Pacific Coast.

Handmade in Mexico Exhibition in Cape Town of embroidered dress and other textiles from Oaxaca, Mexico.

Handmade embroidered dresses from Oaxaca were the most loved! One dress can take up to a week’s work of embroidery- they are truly works of art! Embroidered cotton bags and belts as an alternative to leather were also a favorite.

The best embroidery comes from Oaxaca where it has long been a traditional skill and craft. I met this young vendor at the market in Rosarito, over 3,000km North from Oaxaca. It’s is a family business. His mother, father and sisters all embroider these works of art onto natural fabrics and he takes them to market.

A customer enjoys a sip of Mezcal while shopping. Made from the Agave cactus, Mezcal is another artesian craft that comes from Oaxaca.

Thanks to all for coming out to see and shop!

A few dresses, baskets and other exquisite pieces are left from the Mexican journey.

Contact by email, amyonajourney@gmail.com, for details of whats left and how to get it!

Mexican embroidered dresses, ponchos and shirts for sale in Cape Town.

Coming up next….Amy on a Journey to Northern India. Follow me on INSTAGRAM at amyjourney to see what treasures I find along the way and who are the artisans making them!

See you at the next Pop-Up!  ( end of September 2017)

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Design for Tomorrow: Open Design Festival in Cape Town


Can design change the world? According to The Open Design Festival, who opens their neon green programme with a quote from possibly the greatest thinker of all time, Albert Einstein, it can and it is. Einstein said, We cannot solve the complex challenges of the future by doing what we’ve done in the past. We need to think and act differently.” How do we get everyone to think outside the box when we’ve predominantly been taught to stay within the lines?

IMG_6425 IMG_6444

The Open Design Festival is being held in 4 locations across Cape Town: Woodstock, V&A Waterfront, City Hall and Langa from 13-23 August 2015. It aims to inspire new ways of thinking with a host of mediums to activate our minds from workshops on architecture for children to expos of vintage toys to rails of nouveau African chic to talks on career, education, and socio-economic development not much is left to the wayside. And much if not most of the festival is free of charge thanks to The City of Cape Town and an array of creative sponsors.

As anything vintage always peaks my interest, I began the Open Design Festival at the charming and historical location of Cape Town’s City Hall. On the 2nd floor of the City Hall in a room all to its great own, were hundreds of decade-old toys arranged as art around the room. I have always loved toys: plastic, tin, wood, anything with a bright demeanor to bring a child’s face to life. For some people, toys are seen as clutter not to be included in the decor throughout one’s home of design and modern satisfaction. I have never seen toys that way, and it was inspiring to see an entire exhibited celebrating toys as art.

IMG_6433 IMG_6426

For fashion, there were many exciting new designers to peak my interest, including AYA, who uses African textiles combined with tailored cuts to give the African chic a powerful lift. I found an incredible vintage coat, that at first sight looked more like a couch on a hanger but once on it was a 70s retro-piece of note with linear quilted genuine leather panels and big green coat buttons. Belted, she was a complete score! This find was found on The Godmother’s rails whose collections can be viewed regularly along with other collectors at The Threads Project at 349 Albert Road in Woodstock.

IMG_6452 IMG_6449

Down the passage past the collections of ART books on tattoos and raw food cooking for kids, was an interesting stop at a Maker’s Station where one could watch art in its process at the Exhibit: Lessons in Transformation by artists Katherine Bull and Warren Editions collaborating in print, engraving and performance about none other than the great Nelson Mandela’s famous speech within those very walls at the Cape Town City Hall. Next door were two more giant rooms filled with some of South Africa’s most celebrated artists making their customary provocative statements. Works by Brett Murray, William Kentridge and Christo Basson were just some of the thought provoking art on exhibit in an initiative called HOST.


Brett Murray


If what you see at the Open Design Festival isn’t enough to get you thinking outside the box, then perhaps it will awaken your heart. To quote one of William Kentridge’s pieces now on exhibit at the City Hall, “If you have no eye then use your heart.

Dassies by Christo Basson

Dassies by Christo Basson

ONE-STOP Vintage Boutique SHOP OPEN through the HOLIDAYS (by appointment in Cape Town)

Custom- made brass rings with found vintage objects.

Custom- made brass rings with found vintage objects.

Whenever someone new discovers Shirley Fintz’s Vintage Boutique on Park Road in Cape Town, their words are generally of the same effect…this is a hidden gem in town! And that it is with the most beautiful authentic vintage, hand-picked and re-worked dresses from glitz to crochet, bohemian to 70s chic. You can ALWAYS find a beautiful piece at Shirley’s studio. Seriously.

Need something sparkly to ring in the new year? Find dozens of options at VINTAGE on Park Rd.

Need something sparkly to ring in the new year? Find dozens of options at VINTAGE on Park Rd.

Not only are there hundreds of vintage dresses to buy, but also a range of the best-cut bikinis designed and made locally by Shirley Fintz and Lyndi Cohen, African trade bead necklaces, custom made rings and a huge selection of not-run-of-the-mill belts in every color, shape, and size. Beyond clothes, you can also buy honey, raw food products, olive oil, soap, music and yoga clothes from the Gurumandas shop within the shop. It really is a one-stop, must-see shop in Cape Town!

Locally designed and made bikinis by Lyndi Cohen and Shirley Fintz. Tops and bottoms sold separately for R350 each.

Locally made and designed  bikinis by Lyndi Cohen and Shirley Fintz. Tops and bottoms sold separately for R350 each.

Shirley’s Art Studio and VINTAGE SHOP will be open by appointment through the holidays from Dec. 15- Jan. 15 2015 in Cape Town.

For appointments call AMY  0822648227.