Archives: October 2015

Exhibition of new work by Lyndi Sales: NO PLACE

Rainbows are ethereal and have represented throughout history for almost every culture some form of utopian thinking. In Cape Town artist, Lyndi Sales’ new exhibition of work at WHAT IF THE WORLD gallery entitled No Place, she seeks to observe the artistic and scientific bridge between nature and humanity in an intersection of reason and wonder focused around the ephemeral rainbow.

Sales finds rainbows everywhere and they have been a theme throughout her work as an artist exploring ideas of space, illusion and time. In this latest collection Sales uses the medium of weaving through color and reflection to investigate the rainbow in all its magic and transience and relate it to a desire for alternatives, a better way of living. Sales took a weaving course to bring this new medium through and into her work in this exhibition. So inspired by it, she plans on visiting Morocco next year for another course in the ancient craft.

Lyndi Sales’ No Place is on exhibit at WHAT IF THE WORLD GALLERY in Woodstock through until 17 October 2015.