amyonajourneyAMY ON A JOURNEY….

Born in New York City, raised on the US East coast, educated as an anthropologist on the US West coast, Amy’s interest in cultures and the natural world have led her far and wide as a baker in SE Alaska to the Cape Peninsula in South Africa as 7 year owner, director and buyer of her iconic retail business Journey Lifestyle with sister stores JOURNEY (imports) and MEANWHILE (exports) from 2006-2013.


With Cape Town, South Africa as her base, Amy has travelled the globe on over 45 solo buying trips from Bangkok to Buenos Aires, Oaxaca to Jaipur. Always in search of interesting pieces to trade, Amy’s great love of natural fabrics, basketry and handmade craft have kept Amy on a Journey buying and selling for 11 years in both retail and as a costume buyer for motion pictures and television.

While the whole world is out there, Amy knows that right here at home in Cape Town, are some of the most innovative designers and crafters in contemporary and tradition design. From baskets, to textiles to beads, Amy has been sourcing locally in South Africa for export for over 5 years. What began with a second store, Meanwhile, exhibiting local designers, grew to an export business working individually with interior designers and smaller retailers from Europe to the US.


The journey never ends….with regular POP-UPS of her latest exploration, follow Amy on a Journey on instagram to see where to next and what may be coming your way soon!

Amy is available as a stylist and buyer for creative projects in film, retail or interior design.

To request Amy’s CV or for current wholesale catalogues of designers or general inquiries please contact by email: amyonajourney@gmail.com